Summit Wants to Place Jim Carrey UNDER COVER

     August 19, 2010


Given that I Love You Phillip Morris appears to be in a perpetual state of limbo, we could very well go more than two years without a live-action Jim Carrey movie gracing the screen, following 2008’s Yes Man.  But Hollywood has lined up a vast buffet of projects for the reliably bankable actor to choose from.  There’s the Larry Charles comedy Pierre Pierre, the children’s book adaptation Mr. Popper’s Penguins, and a remake of the musical Damn Yankees, to name a few.  Well, Summit Entertainment would like to dish up one more option.

According to Pajiba, the studio is recruiting Carrey for the Amy Talkington-scripted Under Cover, which centers on a recently divorced father who joins a “youthful cover band” to fund a custody battle against his ex-wife.  I can absolutely see this as a Carrey vehicle, though with no indication of the offer on the table, his attachment is far from definitive.  Could be an evocative role in the right hands.  (Or an awful piece of work in the wrong hands.)

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