Australian Comedian Jim Jeffries Lands LEGIT Pilot at FX

     October 12, 2011

With Louis CK, one of the finest comedians working today, finding success with his fantastic series Louie on FX, another great comedian is looking to follow in his footsteps. Deadline has word that the cable network has just given the greenlight to a pilot called Legit, a potential new series starring Australian comedian Jim Jeffries. The show will follow a misanthrope (Jeffries) trying to go legit. Apparently the comedian had a show in development at Comedy Central last year about his life in the United States but that never got off the ground. Peter O’Fallon, a TV director and producer behind such series as The Riches and House M.D. will executive produce the new series.

Jeffries’ brash, vulgar and even bleak comedic stylings are along the same lines of honesty and grittiness of Louis CK, so I think this new series will fit in perfectly on FX. The network has really taken off with their original programming, and if they keep bringing truly unique and edgy series like this to life, then they should have plenty of success to come. If you’re unfamiliar with Jeffries as a comedian, we’ve included some of his bits after the jump, but be advised that the language is very NSFW.