Watch: Jimmy Fallon Swings by ‘You Don’t Know Jack’ to Ask a Trivia Question

     December 18, 2018


I’m a big fan of You Don’t Know Jack, the clever, irreverent party game that’s been around since 1995. The game has been through many iterations over the years, but it’s latest version is You Don’t Know Jack: Full Stream, which is part of the Jackbox Party Pack 5, which was released this pact October. The party game includes not only You Don’t Know Jack (which is worth the cost alone), but also Split the Room (a game of hypothetical situations), Mad Verse City (rap battles), Patently Stupid (a competitive drawing game), and Zeeple Dome (fight aliens).

Jimmy Fallon is no stranger to fun and games (he’s made a signature part of his take on The Tonight Show), so it’s only fitting that he swung by the latest You Don’t Know Jack to ask a question.

Check out the clip below and learn more about the history of You Don’t Know Jack and the Jackbox by reading this GQ article. Jackbox Party Pack 5 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac.

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