JJ Abrams Is A Big Tyler Perry Fan?

     February 10, 2009

Written by Nicole Pedersen

In an interview with the website BlackVoices.com, Tyler Perry talks about… well, I don’t know what he was talking about really. I skipped right to the part where he dished about his role in the new “Star Trek” movie. I’m going to assume that the interview was about Perry’s plans to film another multi-generational family comedy in which he wears a dress. I think it’s a safe enough bet.

Anyway, trekking on… Perry admits that he is not a “Star Trek” fan (seriously?) but says that JJ Abrams IS a fan of his, which is how the whole guest spot came about. As for who Madea will play in the film, Perry says he is the Fleet Commander and that he is “a pretty big guy; literally, and in the film.”

Here’s a partial reprint of the interview:

How fun was it to work on ‘Star Trek’?

TYLER PERRY: It was really exciting. J.J Abrams is a fan and he called and asked me if I would be interested in doing the film and I was shocked. The timing was perfect and it was only a week. It’s a really small role. It really helped me to see what it’s like to be on someone else’s set.

Were you a ‘Star Trek’ fan?

PERRY: No, I only had two scenes with the two leads. I wasn’t a trekkie, but after seeing the trailer, I may become one.

How was wearing the uniform? Did you get to keep it?

PERRY: Oh no. They were top secret about the uniform. We had to wear rain coats to cover them up so that they wouldn’t be shot from the outside. This whole thing has been top secret, but it would be worth it when it comes out.

I know you mentioned that Abrams is a fan of yours, but considering you haven’t acted in films outside of your own, did you wonder if he brought you on to bring in a large African American base to the film?

PERRY: I don’t know if that is what he was thinking. Looking at him and talking to him, he is the Jewish version of me. He works on television and works on films. He does not stop. He writes as well. I was watching him work and rework the scene, and there’s something about my story that is so similar to him in what I’m doing. I think it intrigued him as much as it intrigued me. I don’t think that demographics was the case of me being in the film; because they would have given me a supportive role rather than just a cameo. I think it was about him feeling me out and me about him, and I think it worked out okay.

Was he the first to ask you to appear in a movie outside of your films?

PERRY: He was the first. It didn’t make sense to do a movie that I can do myself. I don’t want you to call me and ask me to do a film about a black family. I can do that myself. I don’t want to be in your movie doing that. Now, if you want me to do ‘Mission: Impossible’, or ‘Star Trek’ or ‘Wolverine’, which I was called for but I couldn’t do because I was doing ‘The Family That Preys’, but those sort of films, yes, I can do that.

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