J.J. Abrams and THE DARK KNIGHT Writer Jonathan Nolan Shopping Around a New Crime Thriller Series

     September 9, 2010


Even though we just recently heard that J.J. Abrams is shopping around a new drama series called Alcatraz, it looks like there’s yet another potential TV project being taken around town for interested networks. EW reports Abrams and The Dark Knight screenwriter Jonathan (Jonah) Nolan have been shopping around a new untitled crime thriller series. Aside from the fact that the project involves Abrams and Nolan (this being his first foray into television), there are literally no more details to get excited about just yet. However, with Nolan’s track record including one of the best comic book films of all-time along with great screenplays like The Prestige and the story story upon which Memento was based, I think we’re in store for something great and networks will be clamoring over each other to pick it up. Stay tuned as more information becomes available down the road.