Joe Carnahan Shares Frank Grillo Screen Tests for GROUNDHOG DAY Actioner CONTINUE

     September 6, 2012


Director Joe Carnahan is a pretty cool guy.  The man behind Narc, The A-Team, and this year’s fantastic The Grey has become a fan of social media as of late, and he’s been using Twitter to share some seriously great material with his fans.  Not only does he give frequent (and candid) updates on the status of the various scripts and projects he’s working on, but earlier this year when it became clear that Fox wasn’t able to move ahead with his take on Daredevil due to time constraints, he posted his great “sizzle reel” pitch for all to see.  Though we’ll likely never see his full feature-film take on the superhero, it was a treat to see the tone and vibe he was going for with his take.

Carnahan is now sharing more “coulda been” goodies, as he’s posting the screen tests he did with actor Frank Grillo for his Groundhog Day-esque actioner Continue.  Hit the jump for more.

joe_carnahan_continueAs recently as this past May we heard that 20th Century Fox intended to move forward with Continue, but Carnahan posted the following message on Twitter before sharing the screen tests:

Guys, I’ve decided to share the ‘CONTINUE’ screen tests I did with @FrankGrillo to show you how cool this movie could have been…

This seems to signal that the project hit a snag, but Carnahan clarified in a later tweet saying that the project hasn’t “collapsed,” he’s simply showing his “preferred cast version of the movie.”  Grillo isn’t exactly a household name (though he did damn fine work in The Grey), so it makes sense that Fox would want a more well-known actor to lead the actioner.  The story for Continue centers on a former soldier who is forced to re-live the same day over and over while on the run from assassins trying to kill him for reasons unknown.  The premise is a bit similar to Doug Liman’s upcoming Tom Cruise actioner All You Need Is Kill, but I have no doubt that Carnahan’s take is wholly different and decidedly badass.  The director is working on a number of exciting projects at the moment, including a new iteration of Death Wish, so hopefully we see a new Caranhan-helmed film soon.

Carnahan released the first of five screen tests today and said that he’ll be posting one every day or so.  You can watch the first tantalizing screen test with Grillo below, but Carnahan cautions that they have to be watched in order 1-5 for the story to make sense.  This one ends on a nice little cliffhanger so be sure to watch Caranhan’s Twitter for the other videos.

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