Joe Carnahan and Frank Grillo Talk ‘Uncharted’, the ‘Narc’ TV Series, & Aiming for Cannes with ‘Wheelman’

     February 25, 2017

Filmmaker Joe Carnahan and actor Frank Grillo made waves last week with the announcement that they’re spearheading a remake of The Raid, but that’s not all the duo have cooking up. Shortly after news of The Raid hit, Collider’s own Steve Weintraub sat down for an extended interview with the two about their plans for this new Raid film. But over the course of the conversation, they also touched on a few other upcoming projects that are in the works.

First off, Carnahan offered an update on Sony’s long-gestating Uncharted video game adaptation. Carnahan signed on to pen the script last year, after which Shawn Levy came onboard to direct. Carnahan says he’s turned in his draft and he’s pretty sure it has the support of Naughty Dog:

“The script went in, the script got huge, it got a big round of applause at Sony, they were very, very happy with it. So I don’t know, we’ll see what the casting comes out [as]. Shawn Levy was brilliant; we worked together for a couple months on it… There was a lot of pressure because I’ve got friends over there at Sony, Jonathan Kadin, obviously Tom Rothman and I go way back, Doug Belgrad—these are like my guys. So I felt an additional weight of like, ‘I gotta deliver them something they’ll make.’ It’s got four of the most insane—I’ve never written crazier shit in terms of an action sequence than what’s in that movie… I’m very happy with the script, and listen it was important that I got Amy Hennig’s approval, her and Nolan North, and what I’ve heard is the Naughty Dog guys are really happy with it. But who knows? That could be like Donald Trump hearing something; that may not be true at all.”


Image via Paramount and Lionsgate

Carnahan also still hopes his Narc TV series adaptation comes to fruition. The pilot is written, and last we heard Eminem was signing on to executive produce and create new music. While the project isn’t yet set up at a network, Carnahan says the show is in the vein of Fargo in that Detroit is a major piece of the puzzle:

“It’s in that world—like the TV show Fargo is in the world of Fargo, same thing. Detroit, it’s really cool.”


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