Director Joe Cornish Interview ATTACK THE BLOCK

     July 27, 2011


Joe Cornish’s spunky and rollicking alien invasion film Attack the Block, wastes no time. It begins with a South London mugging interrupted by an alien falling to earth. After a brief scuffle, the muggers kill the beast and then parade it around their public housing tenement as a prize. But when larger, pitch-black beasts with glowing blue fangs begin to fall from the sky, the young hoodie-wearing hooligans are forced to band together with the woman they robbed in order to survive the night and defend their home turf.

I recently sat down with Cornish to discuss his directorial debut. During the interview he told us about how the monsters actually absorb the light around them, why he chose to go practical for the beasties, how the film satirizes English politics while humanizing disadvantaged youths and even briefly touches on Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man, which he is co-writing.  Hit the jump for the full video interview and the list of theaters playing the movie this weekend.

Below the interview are the theater listings.  For all our previous Attack the Block coverage, click here.

Joe Cornish

  • How were the monsters designed? Are they actually absorbing light?
  • 1:00 – How much CGI is there with the creatures?
  • 1:45 – The film is set in a public housing unit, how much of the film is designed as sociological commentary?
  • 2:40 – I get totally stonewalled on Ant-Man. They just finished the third draft but he can’t say anymore.

Attack The Block – theatres with links


Alamo Drafthouse Cinema


AMC River East 21

Los Angeles

Arclight Hollywood

New York

AMC Empire 25

Regal Union Square Stadium 14

San Francisco

AMC Loews Metreon 16


Meridian 16 Cinemas


AMC 24 Yonge & Dundas

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