Joel Edgerton Talks FELONY, the Moral Ambiguity of the Film, Screening Reactions, Ridley Scott’s EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS, and More

     October 15, 2014


Now available On Demand and opening in select cities this weekend is director Matthew Saville’s (Noise) crime drama Felony.  Starring Joel Edgerton (who also wrote the screenplay), Tom Wilkinson, Jai Courtney, and Melissa George, the film is about three detectives that become entangled after a tragic accident leaves a young child in critical condition.  One of the men is guilty of the crime, one wants to uncover the truth, and one is trying to cover it up.

Last week in New York City I landed an extended video interview with Joel Edgerton.  He talked about what it’s like winning the “actor’s lottery,” the realness of the people and situations in Felony, the moral ambiguity of the film, reactions from screenings, how he hopes audiences will react after seeing the movie, what it was like working with Ridley Scott on Exodus: Gods and Kings, the challenge of adapting The Bible, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch.


felony-joel-edgertonJoel Edgerton:

  • 0:13 – What it’s like winning the “actor’s lottery”
  • 2:28 – The realness of the people and situations in Felony
  • 4:45 – Reactions from screenings
  • 6:50 – The moral ambiguity of the film
  • 8:42 – How he hopes audiences will react after seeing the movie
  • 9:26 – Being part of Ridley Scott’s massive epic Exodus: Gods and Kings
  • 11:42 – The challenge of adapting The Bible
  • 13:52 – Scott’s influence on sword-and-sandals movies




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