John Cho and Kal Penn Exclusive Video Interview – HAROLD AND KUMAR Escape from Guantanamo Bay

     August 10, 2008

With my head injury doing much better, this is the week where I finally post all the interviews that have been accumulating on my desktop. You have been warned.

So…while at this year’s Comic-Con, I managed to speak with John Cho and Kal Penn – otherwise known as Harold and Kumar. They were in San Diego to talk about the just released “Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay” DVD, but since a story had just been posted in Variety about a “Harold and Kumar 3”….I used my time to try and get some info on what the next sequel could be about. Unfortunately, they had heard about the film the same way I had…so they didn’t have too much to say except they’d love to make another movie.

And before getting to the interview…I have to mention that I just watched “Harold and Kumar 2” on Blu-ray and was beyond impressed. While most DVDs will insert a few extra scenes or supply a big section of deleted scenes, “Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay” does something I’ve never seen before – a Dude, Change the Movie feature.

While you’re watching the movie, occasionally a pop up will happen and it’ll let you choose what happens next. If you make the wrong decision…let’s just say Harold and Kumar will pay a stiff penalty.

And don’t think the added footage is a second or two… as when they were filming the movie they shot a TON of extra footage specifically for the DVD and it’s really loaded with great stuff. If you chose for Kumar to not light up on the plane near the beginning of the movie…you get a crazy amount of extra footage in Amsterdam. All I can say is…it’s very well done.

And with that….enjoy the interview.

John Cho and Kal Penn

  • I explain that I hurt my head

  • I ask Kal about missing the H&K2 junket

  • We talk about the box office of Harold and Kumar and how they lost to Baby Mama

  • DVD talk – how involved were they in the DVD – they talk about the alternative scenes just on the DVD

  • With the success of all the Saw movies, how is there not a Harold and Kumar film every 4/20

  • Kal talks about the recasting of Harold and Kumar…don’t worry…it’s a joke

  • We talk about the 3rd Harold and Kumar film

  • When you know you’re making an unrated DVD, how does that help them when filming as actors

  • Is it hard to work on set when there are tons of naked women….

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