John Cho Talks STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, Filming the Bridge Scenes First, the Practical Sets, and More

     April 17, 2013


A few minutes before the Star Trek Into Darkness cast hit the CinemaCon stage in Las Vegas, I landed a video interview with John Cho on the red carpet.  While J.J. Abrams and Paramount have slowly been releasing more images and footage from the Star Trek sequel (click here to watch the new trailer), the cast is still very careful about saying anything specific about the anxiously awaited sequel.  Knowing this before the interview started, I made sure to only ask questions he could answer like what it was like to film the bridge sequences first, what is he most excited for people to see, what it was like to walk around the huge practical sets, and more.  Hit the jump to watch.

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John Cho:

  • 0:21 – “Wiping the hard drive clean” for his memories of the specifics of the movie.
  • 0:56 – Going back for the dialogue scenes on the Enterprise.
  • 1:34 – Filming the beginning, middle, and ending sequence on the Enterprise all within the first week.
  • 2:02 – Being able to walk around the large Enterprise set.
  • 3:03 – What he’s excited for people to see.


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