John Malkovich Video Interview RED; Watch the NYC Press Conference

     October 15, 2010

At the New York City press junket for Summit Entertainment’s Red (which is a very fun movie), I was able to participate in a press conference with John Malkovich.  While I’m usually only able to offer the transcript and audio from a press conference, Summit has provided me with the video so you can watch it for yourself.

During the thirty of so minutes, Malkovich talked about why he didn’t read the Red graphic novel before filming, why he’s so fascinated with clothing, does he still get directed or are people afraid to tell him what to do, did he like working with all the weapons in Red, and he’s even asked about movies like Con Air and some of his previous characters.  If you’re a fan of this very gifted actor, I’m sure you’ll want to hit the jump:

For more on Red, here are some clips and here are my exclusive video interviews with Bruce Willis and Karl Urban, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, and Mary-Louise Parker.


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