John McTiernan to Direct SHRAPNEL

     September 10, 2010


Veteran director John McTiernan (Die Hard) has inked a deal to direct the action/thriller Shrapnel.  Penned by Evan Daugherty, the film focuses on two war veterans who find themselves hunting one another.  The script was on the 2008 Black List which names the top unproduced screenplays of the year.  While McTiernan’s track record of directing action seemingly makes him a great fit for the project (you may remember 1987’s Predator), the filmmaker hasn’t had a film in theaters since 2003’s Basic and even his involvement in Shrapnel is dependent upon the resolution of some legal troubles.

Per Variety, McTiernan is still on the hook for “making false statements to law enforcement officials” and faces sentencing on October 4th.  If all goes well on that front, the film should begin casting fairly soon according to co-producer Anthony Rhulen.  Shrapnel is being produced by the Belgian production company Corsan and Los Angeles’ FilmEngine.  The film is currently being shopped to foreign buyers at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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