Watch: John Oliver Reviews Hilarious YouTube Comments in ‘Last Week Tonight’ Clip

     July 11, 2016


Now in its third season, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver could now easily be counted amongst the very best series on television currently, and amongst the very best shows that HBO has ever backed, which is saying something. It’s also the clear heir to the Jon Stewart-era Daily Show, though Trevor Noah‘s run has had more than a few triumphs over the last year or so. The former Daily Show correspondent has opened up more than most people would imagine on HBO, and the full breadth of his empathy, intellect, and vast yet unique sense of humor has been felt when he takes on topics such as Donald Trump née Drumpf, the Brexit fiasco, public defenders, retirement plans, and debt buyers.


Image via HBO

But even the very best of us must occasionally feel the wrath of lunatics and the gushing of fans in the comments section, and Oliver took to his desk this week to review some of the more distinct comments on Last Week Tonight‘s YouTube page. As a rule, I don’t read comments, whether they be negative or positive, but the tremendous fun that Oliver seems to be having in this web-only clip, which you can take a look at below, makes me want to rethink things. Eh, actually, best not, what with the fragile ego and lack of self-confidence and all that fun stuff.

The show is currently taking a break until the end of July and that’s not particularly surprising – it’s happened several times on this program. Thankfully, this means that Oliver will be back a little less than a week after the Republican National Convention in Cincinnati, which looks to be the most entertaining apocalyptic showdown since This is the End hit theaters. The only thing that has a chance of being even more entertaining is Oliver’s likely discussion of how the RNC goes with presumptive nominee Trump finally being secured as their candidate. For now, however, this clip serves as a riotous place-holder until Last Week Tonight returns on the 24th.

Here’s the web-exclusive clip:



Image via HBO