John Ratzenberger and Jodi Benson Exclusive Video Interview TOY STORY 3

     June 16, 2010

John Ratzenberger and Jodi Benson Video Interview TOY STORY 3 slice

If you’ve been reading our Toy Story 3 coverage this week, you’ll know that I went to Pixar last weekend for the film’s press day.  It was really, really, really cool.

My final interview was with cast members John Ratzenberger, who returns as the know-it-all piggy bank “Ham”; and Jodi Benson, who voices the iconic Barbie.  Fans of the series won’t be disappointed by Ham in Toy Story 3.  He’s still cracking wise and has an uncanny knowledge about the particular make and models of random objects.  As for Benson, folks may not know that she’s also voiced another iconic character in her career: Ariel from The Little Mermaid.  Hit the jump to check out the interview.  If you’ve missed the previous interviews, you can click here for my one with director Lee Unkrich and producer Darla K. Anderson, click here for Joan Cusack and Timothy Dalton, and click here for Kristen Schaal and Estelle Harris.  Toy Story 3 opens this Friday.

John Ratzenberger and Jodi Benson

  • Ratzenberger talks about how he’s seen Pixar change and grow over the years as he’s played a voice in every one of their films.
  • 1:16 – How did Benson approach the challenges of taking on a character as iconic as Barbie
  • 2:08 – Did they each have a favorite toy growing up?
  • 3:14 – What’s it been like for Benson to be such a major part of Disney animated history by playing Ariel and now Barbie
  • 4:07 – Does Ratzenberger see any of his Cheers character Cliff Clavin in Ham

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