Pixar FX Technical Director John Reisch and Effects Supervisor Gary Bruins Talk CARS 2

     October 31, 2011

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In all honesty, one of the more striking aspects of Cars 2 is the simple rising of an ocean wave in its opening moments.  It’s weird to think that animated water could leave such a mark – but the water in this little toon was more “real” and majestic than many an ocean I’ve seen in so-called live action films or, you know, in person. It’s one of those strange moments when fiction overtakes reality. I almost forgot I was watching an animated film – that was until the talking cars showed up.

So it was serendipitous that my interview with FX Technical Director John Reisch and Effects Supervisor Gary Bruins began simply enough with them showing me through the process of creating ripples in a wave. In the second of five interviews conducted at Pixar headquarters in Emeryville, California, the twosome also discuss their favorite segments from the film, the development of the animation process over time and why FX work isn’t just EXPLOSIONS!!!  The Cars 2 Blu-ray/DVD hits shelves tomorrow.

And here’s my video interview with Pixar character designer Jay Shuster.

John Reisch and Gary Bruins Interview Index

  • Reisch and Bruins talk about the opening Ocean segment
  • Explosions!!! versus smaller more intimate FX noises (e.g. wind, waves, tire blow outs)
  • Development of the animation process over time
  • Whether they have a favorite segment in the film
  • Segments that didn’t make the final cut that they miss
  • What can be found on the Blu-ray for Cars 2?

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