Johnny Depp Is Not in Wes Anderson’s THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL

     October 1, 2012


Last week we got confirmation that Bill Murray and Angela Lansbury will be appearing in writer/director Wes Anderson’s next film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, but at the time it was assumed that the majority of the rest of the cast was already firmed up.  Johnny Depp had long been reported as the star of the film, but Anderson has now revealed that Depp will not be in this next feature.  Speaking with Huffington Post, Anderson said that though he’d love to work with Depp at some point, the actor won’t be appearing in The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The Moonrise Kingdom filmmaker went on to caution that “the Internet has a way of announcing things on its own,” adding that you’ll never find him actually saying who’s in the movie.  Murray, Lansbury, and Jude Law have all confirmed themselves that they’re in the pic, and it’s been reported that Edward Norton and Owen Wilson are also set to appear.  Details are scarce, but we know that The Grand Budapest Hotel takes place in Europe and will be filming in Germany.

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