Paramount Sets Up Projects for JACKASS Gang, Johnny Knoxville to Star in FIRST MAN and MUSTACHE RIDERS

     March 3, 2011


Coming off the success of Jackass 3D, Paramount is working to keep the Jackass gang happy. They recently bought First Man as a starring vehicle for Johnny Knoxville, and have made movement on the in-the-works project Mustache Riders. First Man will see Knoxville playing a natural hellraiser, who “has totally behaved himself during his wife’s presidential campaign, only to find the dynamic of their relationship change after he moves into the White House and becomes First Man.” Matt Spicer & Max Winkler, who wrote Whispers in Bedlam for Jason Reitman to direct, will script the flick.

Deadline also reports that Paramount is “restructuring” one of their properties called Mustache Riders for Knoxville, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn and Willie Nelson to star. The film centers on three crooks who set out to find buried treasure alongside a “grizzled old outlaw” (I’m guessing that’s Nelson). Most likely, Paramount hopes that setting these projects up for the boys will entice them to have another go-around with Jackass, thereby making lots and lots of money.

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