Collider Crash Course: The Joker’s Origin Story Explained

     February 20, 2017


For years, the Clown Prince of Crime has laughed his way through various comic books, video games, animated series and live action adaptations. And while the main focus of Batman, or Bruce Wayne, is an important element to have in those stories, sometimes we just want to see the villain do bad things. Especially when it’s the Joker. He smiles at the darkest moments and he laughs in the midst of danger but above all else, we love when he cracks a good joke.

Whether you enjoyed the presence of Jared Leto’s interpretation of the Joker from last year’s Suicide Squad or not, at least his portrayal was different from past performances. Yet one of the questions many may be asking, who really is the Joker? We know he loves chaos, anarchy and causing a ruckus. But how did he become the Clown Prince of Crime? What made him want to cause so much pain and suffering? Why does he have such a fascinating relationship with the Batman? Collider Crash Course has you covered.

Crash Course is a weekly series that takes the viewers to school, breaking down and discussing the many elements that go into a films history or a specific property that many may not be aware of. Whether it’s in a galaxy far, far away or part of the many superhero cinematic universes, Crash Course assures the viewers will be fully educated before the next big movie release.

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Image via Warner Bros.

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