Jon Hurwitz & Hayden Schlossberg Talk A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR 3D CHRISTMAS and Future HAROLD & KUMAR Movies

     November 8, 2011

Jon Hurwitz Hayden Schlossberg HAROLD & KUMAR Animated Series interview slice

With the latest installment in the Harold & Kumar franchise, A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (now playing in theaters), I got to sit down with Harold & Kumar creators Jon Hurwitz & Hayden Schlossberg.  The duo wrote all three Harold & Kumar movies and they directed the second installment.  They’re also the writer/directors of the upcoming American Pie sequel American Reunion, and they’re working on a Harold & Kumar animated series (click here for what they had to say about the latter).

During the interview, Hurwitz & Schlossberg talked about the critical reaction to the franchise, if they fought with the studio over any aspect of the movie, how involved were they when the production was filming, the origins of Wafflebot, the future of Harold & Kumar movies, could a 4th film be in 4D with Smell-O-Vision, and how the 3rd film come together.  Hit the jump to watch and look for what they said about American Reunion in the coming days.

very-harold-kumar-christmas-movie-posterJon Hurwitz & Hayden Schlossberg Time Index

  • :21 They talk about the positive critical response to A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas in contrast to the mixed critical reception of the second one. They say the divisive nature of Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay led to a harsher response.
  • 2:30 Did the studio fight them on some of the more raunchy parts of A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas? They talk about how they’re able to get away with some of the things they put into the movie.
  • 3:22 Were they onset for the entire shoot? They say they were originally supposed to direct the film but then they were approached with the prospect of helming American Reunion. Talk about their involvement in the production of Harold & Kumar and juggling that with working on American Reunion at the same time.
  • 4:53 They talk about the origins of Wafflebot, and things that they had in older scripts that they lifted for the Harold & Kumar movies.
  • 6:07 Do they have any props from any of the films? Talk about who has the Wafflebot.
  • 8:16 They talk about future Harold & Kumar movies:

“We haven’t really thought about it in terms of like ‘Okay what’s the next holiday that Harold and Kumar are gonna be involved with?’ We try to take it one movie at a time now. Every so often we’ll just talk about different ideas for Harold & Kumar movies, which is why having the animated TV show is awesome, because we’re able to throw some of these ideas into a TV episode. But I think that for us, whenever we work on these movies it has to be about something that is interesting to us that could also be funny, and I think that could be anything. If you look at the first three movies, I mean the second movie is about the War on Terror, the third movie Christmas, the first movie just hunger, so it’s anything that we could relate to at the time. Christmas for us was something that was more about Christmas movies, growing up loving Home Alone and A Christmas Story and thinking ‘Wait a second, Harold and Kumar could really fit within that genre because of their friendship,’ and if you look at certain Christmas movies they’re kinda trippy in their own way with Santa Claus flying around and elves, so it felt like there’s a way to merge the two of them. So we don’t have an idea right now for another Harold & Kumar, we’ve talked about different things. I think we’ll see how well this one does, and if people like it. The reviews have been good so, hopefully people show up.”

  • 9:52 Talk about joking around with the possibility of 4D with Smell-O-Vision.
  • 10:31 When did they first think about making a third Harold & Kumar movie? They say it was the Saturday after the release of Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.

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