Jon Michael Hill Exclusive Video Interview DETROIT 187

     December 31, 2010

ABC’s Detroit 187 returns from a brief hiatus on January 4th with the 11th episode of the season. The police procedural drama has a nice balance of intensity and humor that helps separate it from other, more morose shows in that genre. Last month I got the opportunity to sit down with the cast and crew on set, and leading up to the return we will have a new interview for you each day. My first interview was with Erin Cummings, and now the second in the series is with newcomer Jon Michael Hill, who plays Michael Imperioli’s partner. Hit the jump for the full interview:

Jon Michael Hill has mainly worked as a stage actor but has had a passion for acting from a very young age. Being nominated for a Tony in 2010 shows he has a bright future, and playing opposite Imperioli can only help. His character in the show, Detective Damon Washington, has just transferred to homicide and has a rough start with Detective Louis Fitch (Imperioli). With a first child on the way, he is trying to balance his personal life and career, and his cell phone isn’t helping him gain a rapport with his partner. Below you can find the timestamps of the interview.

Jon Michael Hill

  • 00:00- I ask if it was interesting to have so many parallels with his character, being new to acting in TV and in the show, being new to the detective position.
  • 01:00- Asked him what the most shocking thing about transitioning from theater to TV has been.
  • 01:47- I ask if he has any tips for running in nice shoes (his character chases down a lot of criminals).
  • 02:14- Asked him if he had any flashbacks from his high school football days.
  • 02:32- I ask if he has any favorite cities because of the travel he did in theater.
  • 02:57- Asked if he had any embarrassing moments with his phone in real life.
  • 03:39- I ask if the shots of him talking with Det. Fitch in the show are live phone calls.
  • 04:04- Asked what he felt about the response of Detroit to the show had been like.

Hill was a pleasure to talk with and it was interesting to hear how cell phones had interrupted his own life at times. That’s yet another parallel between his real life and the character on the show. As I mentioned above, stay tuned each day for a new interview as the return of Detroit 187 on Tuesday, January 4th at 10 EST on ABC approaches.