Watch Jon Stewart Crash ‘The Nightly Show’, Bid Larry Wilmore a Touching Goodbye

     August 19, 2016


The final episode of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore aired last night, just a few days after news came that Comedy Central was cancelling the series. Host Larry Wilmore didn’t run from voicing his displeasure that the show was going off the air, and that Comedy Central wasn’t even letting the series continue at least through the end of the election, but ultimately the ratings for the show simply weren’t high enough for Comedy Central to keep it around. The show did get off to a swell start as the follow-up to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, but after Jon Stewart left his stalwart series, ratings for The Nightly Show began to decline.

Stewart helped spearhead the creation of The Nightly Show and served as an executive producer on the series, and during last night’s series finale he stopped by to offer Wilmore and the show a fond farewell. The appearance was far more touching than one may have expected, as Stewart offered some sage words of encouragement and an acknowledgement that Wilmore truly disrupted the late night landscape, starting a conversation that wasn’t there before and that will continue long after he’s gone.

Wilmore has been a veteran writer for years on shows as wide ranging as The PJs, The Office, and black-ish, so he’ll no doubt land on his feet. Still, he certainly seemed happy having a voice on a nightly talk-oriented series, so perhaps he can return to TV in a similar capacity in the near future. Which reminds me…when’s Jon Stewart coming to HBO again?

For now, take a look at the opening moments of Wilmore’s final episode of The Nightly Show and Stewart’s appearance.


Image via Comedy Central


Image via Comedy Central