Jon Turteltaub to Direct and Develop BEACHED about an Olympic Swimming Champion Raised by Whales

     August 27, 2012


Jon Turteltaub, the director behind the National Treasure franchise, is taking on Beached, a story about an Olympic swimming champion.  That all sounds well and good until you keep reading and find out that the film’s protagonist was a chubby four-year-old who fell overboard during a family trip and was raised by whales.  So, unless Michael Phelps has an untold childhood story that no one knows about, this makes even less sense than Turteltaub’s Cool Runnings.  Hit the jump for more on Beached.

jon-turteltaub-beachedTHR reports that Turteltaub is on board (so to speak) to develop and direct Beached, a project that has been treading water since 1997.  The original script was handed in by Ted Griffin (Ocean’s Eleven, Tower Heist). Betty Thomas (Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squekquel) was the most recent director attached to the picture, but it looks like Turteltaub’s involvement has kick-started development on the production. Turteltaub will also oversee a new draft of Beached; the previous one was written by Jordan Roberts (March of the Penguins).

It’s possible that the recent Summer Olympics helped to rekindle interest (or at least awareness) of the project which, presumably, tracks the protagonist from his early days of floating along in the ocean, through his communing with the whales, up to his eventual rise to the Olympic podium.  Not to nitpick, but that sounds like an unfair training advantage.  The next thing you know, Whale Lad will be raising against Shark Boy and Eel Girl.  Here’s fingers crossed for another Turteltaub franchise!

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