Jon Voight Exclusive Video Interview – Saturn Awards 2008

     June 28, 2008

Earlier in the week, I attended the 34th Annual Saturn Awards here in Los Angeles.Since I shot over 2 hours of video interviews, it’s taking me some time to edit and post them. Also, since I have so much footage…I’m trying to post a little bit each day so you can actually enjoy it all.

But today is D-Day. My goal is to post all the interviews I still have by tomorrow…so to meet that goal, I’m going to keep the intros brief.

Posted below is the interview I did with Jon Voight.

The highlights are that he told us that he’s not in Transformers 2, that he just shot his first day on 24 (he’s the villain of the upcoming season), and that Pride and Glory will finally be hitting theaters this October. He also talked about all of his upcoming projects.

Plenty more interview are coming…check back later today!

Jon Voight Video Interview

  • He says he’s not in Transformers 2 but he did say he just came from the set of 24

  • Says he’s the villain

  • Was he surprised by the worldwide success of Transformers

  • Back to 24 and why he signed up for the show

  • Talks about his work in Pride and Glory – says it’s now going to come out in October

  • He then talks about Four Christmases and working with Vince Vaughn

  • An American Carol talk – it’s the new David Zucker movie

  • He also says he has a small part in Tropic Thunder

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