Watch a 1-Hour Roundtable with Jordan Peele, Aaron Sorkin, Darren Aronofsky & More

     February 19, 2018


The latest THR long-form roundtable has arrived! We’ve already shared the in-depth discussions with the directors, actors, and actresses roundtables, and now we’ve got the hour-long chat between some of 2017’s most celebrated screenwriters. The latest roundtable Q&A  includes Jordan Peele (Get Out), Darren Aronofsky (mother!), Aaron Sorkin (Molly’s Game), Emily V. Gordon (The Big Sick), Fatih Akin (In the Fade), and Andrew McCarten (Darkest Hour), and dives into all kinds of subjects related to writing movies.

Aronofsky talks knowing that mother! was going to be divisive, the different interpretations of mother! and if any of them changed his perspective on the film. Gordon talks about writing as a means of making people feel less alone and the nuances of getting the autobiographical story of The Big Sick right. Peele talks about why he changed Get Out‘s ending and how the theatrical version allows him to have his cake and eat it too. Akin talked about making controversial, political films like In the Fade and how he handles the heated backlash they provoke. They also discuss the demands and compromises of writing stories based on true people, working in genre filmmaking, which historical figures they would invite to a dinner, their best piece of writing advice, and more. Watch the full roundtable discussion below.

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