Josh Brolin Interested in Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody’s YOUNG ADULT

     August 12, 2010


It seems as if Josh Brolin is interested in joining Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody’s Young Adult. Showbiz 411 is reporting that the actor is in talks to play the male lead opposite Charlize Theron. Briefly, the film is said to revolve around a ghostwriter of young adult novels (Theron) who moves back home with the hopes of meeting up with her old flame (potentially Brolin). Though only recently announced, Mandate Pictures seems to be moving full-speed ahead on the project, which supports Brendan’s assertion that the production company would like to have the film shooting in New York by November of this year.

For more incisive commentary on the project as well as a more elaborate synopsis, hit the jump.

If Brolin ends up joining Theron as her old flame, I would consider the lead casting a success as I believe both to be incredibly dynamic and talented actors. As for the film itself, I will withhold enthusiasm for now. While you shouldn’t be able to argue with multiple Oscar nominations and a win for “Best Screenplay,” somehow I have found a way as Juno is my least favorite Reitman directed film to date (with Thank You for Smoking taking top honors) and Cody’s signature “quick-witted, hipster” writing style has never really done it for me (Note: I’m sure Mrs. Cody is very concerned with how I feel about her writing style when she cuddles up with her Oscar after a long day of being a professional screenwriter).

From The Playlist:

The film centers on an attractive, but single — and misguided and lost — mid-thirties young adult novel writer living in Minneapolis. Divorced, but not entirely unhappy, this woman’s life is one day radically transformed when she receives a birth announcement from an old, still-idealized ex-boyfriend, triggering something deep inside her. Shook up from the announcement, the insecure and neurotic woman concocts an ill-conceived plan to go visit the small town where she grew up and where her ex-bf still lives with his new wife and child.


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