Fox Wants CHRONICLE Director for FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot

     January 13, 2012


As the superhero franchise boom shows no signs of slowing down, 20th Century Fox is looking to get moving on their Fantastic Four reboot. We knew the reboot was coming, as Fox is in danger of losing the property if they don’t produce a Fantastic Four film every few years. Now the studio has apparently honed in on their choice for the film’s director: Josh Trank. The director is set to make his feature debut with the found footage superhero movie Chronicle, which has been generating a good deal of buzz ever since the first trailer debuted online. The studio won’t make a final decision on Trank until after seeing how Chronicle fares once it hits theaters, but Variety says insiders at Fox are very keen on the young director. Hit the jump for more.

fantastic_four_comic_book_cover_01Michael Green (Green Lantern) penned the script for the reboot, and Akiva Goldsman (Batman and Robin) was previously onboard to produce but Variety’s report states that he’s since left the project. Tim Story directed the first two Fantastic Four movies, which were pretty damn terrible. There’s no word on what direction this reboot would take, but given the nature of most superhero properties currently in development I wouldn’t be surprised if they say they’re going the “darker” or “more realistic” route.

Personally, I think moving as far always as possible from Story’s films is a great place to start. Obviously I haven’t seen Chronicle yet so I can’t really judge whether or not Trank is the best man for the job, but Fox seems to be really high on the guy so they must think they’ve got something special with the found footage flick. If the internet buzz is any indication Chronicle is in for a pretty successful run at the box office, so it’s a pretty safe bet that Trank will land the job. Obviously we’ll know more after the film’s opening weekend. Chronicle hits theaters February 3rd.

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