Josh Zetumer Will Help Universal Remember 4th Jason Bourne Film

     August 21, 2009


Matt Damon once joked on “The Daily Show” that if there were to be another Bourne flick after the third, that it would have to be titled “The Bourne Redundancy”. Well, something tells me that won’t be the title of Josh Zetumer’s script for the next installment in the Bourne series. Taking over for previous Bourne scribe, George Nolfi, who left the project to write and direct Philip K. Dick adaption “The Adjustment Bureau” which also stars Matt Damon, Zetumer has been brought onto by the film by Universal in the hopes of making the next Bourne a part of their 2011 line-up. Hit the jump to read more and remember who you are.

The Hollywood Reporter is Hollywood reporting that Zetumer has been tapped to write what Universal is calling a “parallel” script to Nolfi’s, something that apparently isn’t unheard of with these big summer pictures. Right now, Universal is uncertain whether one of these scripts will be chosen or if they will be combined to form one un-killable super script. According to one Universal spokesperson, the studio is hopeful that Nolfi returns after his work on “The Adjustment Bureau” to contribute further to Bourne 4.

While Zetumer has developed a bit reputation, writing “Dune” for Peter Berg and Paramount, and “The Infilitrator” for Warner Brothers, I’m not too sure about this flick. Not only do I find the two scripts at once thing to be a bit dubious (“Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer”, and “Wolverine” come to mind), but I just don’t know what another Bourne flick has to offer other than shaky-camera action and possibly some unnecessary free-running. But hey, maybe I’m wrong and they’ve got some great surprises in store. Here’s hoping.


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