Joss Whedon Lives in a CABIN IN THE WOODS

     July 7, 2008

Written by Matt Goldberg

Despite being attached to “Wonder Woman” and an original horror fantasy called “Goners”, Joss Whedon has been unable to gain traction in making another feature film since 2005’s “Serenity”. Granted, it’s not like Joss has just been making self-deprecating jokes and living fat off his Whedon-verse checks. Besides doing some fantastic comic writing for “Astonishing X-Men”, “Runaways”, and “Buffy: Season Eight”, Joss has his first show in production since “Angel” in 2005. “Dollhouse” looks like the goods but Whedon is staying busy as he’s hard at work on a new film with his Whedonverse Alum and “Cloverfield” writer Drew Goddard. Goddard describes the film, called “Cabin in the Woods”, thusly:

“It’s genius, it’s funny,” Goddard said about the film. “It’s got a harder and darker edge, but it’s also got classic Whedon qualities. It’ll rip your heart out and be heartfelt at the same time.”

So what’s it’s about? Well, the title ain’t misleading. You’ve seen Sam Raimi do it. You’ve seen Eli Roth do it. And now Whedon and Goddard are taking on the “cabin in the woods” sub-genre which I’m sure will once again assure us to stay the fuck away from spooky cabins in the woods, no matter the potential teenage debauchery.

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