Joss Whedon Says DR HORRIBLE Will Be Back!!

     January 7, 2009

Written by Nicole Pedersen

In an exclusive interview with the very charming Mr. Patrick Lee of Sci Fi Wire on Tuesday, Joss Whedon talked about a lot of things. Naturally he had some stuff to say about his upcoming Fox series “Dollhouse” and the negative buzz surrounding it. He also mentioned a development meeting he had with Tom Cruise concerning his new horror feature “Cabin in the Woods”. But perhaps most importantly of all, he spoke about the future of the internet sensation “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”. And the news is that, YES, it has a future!!

If you have not yet seen “Dr. Horrible” all I can say is “what the fuck are you waiting for??” Get yourself over to iTunes right now and sample the savory goodness that a combination of sci-fi, comedy and musical theatre creates. “Dr. Horrible” was not only the internet event of 2008, it was also – in the opinion of many a TV critic – one of the top ten televised programs of the year… and that includes “Rosie Live” bitches!! So now that I’ve got all that gushing out of the way, here is what the incomparable Mr. Whedon had to say on the subject of his “Sing-Along Blog”:

“It is my intention that we will see more of young Billy and his horrible schemes, and I have a very specific idea of what that’s going to be, but until I’m sure how I can roll it out, I will say nothing except that I’m definitely pursuing that.”

And how will young Billy and his horrible schemes meet their adoring public? DVD? Film? Theatre? Whedon would only say that he wants “to keep it fresh.”

“There was ‘Dr. Horrible’ itself, and there was the Internet sort of event, and I’m pursuing both of those kind of separately, in the sense that I want to tell a ‘Dr. Horrible’ story, but I also want to continue trying new things on the Internet…”

I’m sure I speak for all residents of the Whedon-verse when I say that I would be willing to sit through almost anything to hear Billy sing again… and yes, that includes “Rosie Live.”

To find out how Fox is like a shadow puppet theatre, read the Sci Fi Wire piece here

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