Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Exits HIGHLANDER Remake Citing Creative Differences with Summit

     November 30, 2012


Although he joined the Highlander reboot well over a year ago, director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) has reportedly exited the picture. Fresnadillo and Summit Entertainment had been working on the reboot, but apparently did not see eye to eye; the director’s departure was on good terms. Fresnadillo previously exited a reboot of The Crow to helm Highlander, and it’s not yet clear if the previous position is still available. (Should we add him to the list of potential Star Wars: Episode VII directorial candidates while we’re at it?). Hit the jump for more.

Deadline reported on Fresnadillo’s departure from Highlander. Summit, who is still gung-ho for the reboot, is now in search of a new helmer to bring the picture home. Starring Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern), Highlander follows the story of the 1986 original which starred Christopher Lambert as a Scottish immortal swordsman who must defeat the other last remaining immortal in order to claim “The Prize.” Unfortunately, the reboot is currently headless (ha!).

If Summit can land a new director soon, there may be hope for the picture yet. Reynolds has had some rough patches, but might be able to shoulder the potential franchise that this Highlander reboot portends. Or maybe the property is left better off where it lies? Check out the trailer for the original below:


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