Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann are Taking a BUSINESS TRIP

     June 18, 2010

Judd Apatow Leslie Mann BUSINESS TRIP slice

Earlier, we told you that actor Matt Lucas had been cast in the upcoming Judd Apatow-produced comedy, Bridesmaids.  Now, Deadline is reporting that another Apatow-produced comedy is being green-lit at, you guessed it, Universal Pictures (anyone else noticing a trend here?).

The film, starring Apatow’s wife Leslie Mann (Funny People), is titled Business Trip and is scheduled to begin shooting as early as January 2011.  While an official synopsis for the film has yet to be released by Universal, hit the jump to find out why I believe the film should definitely be worth seeing.

It is no secret that Hollywood is currently in love with Apatow’s work.  In fact, when an R-rated comedy is released that isn’t an Apatow production you should probably buy a lottery ticket as soon as possible because something rare is definitely on the horizon.  All stars-aligning aside, however, the real reason I believe Business Trip could offer moviegoers something unique is because of Mann’s starring role.  Apatow’s double-threat wife (beautiful and funny) has been great in previous Apatow titles like Funny People and Knocked Up. With those solid supporting performances in the bag, I for one am anxious to see how the obviously talented Mann will deliver in a starring role.

For those of you who still aren’t convinced, I recommend you check out Knocked Up and dial-up the “club-line” scene featuring Mann, Katherine Heigl, and the always-hilarious Craig Robinson.  Long story short, Mann has what it takes to control a scene.  Now we’ll see if she can lead an entire movie.


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