‘Raw’ Director Julia Ducournau on Gore and Filming Realistic Party Scenes

     February 14, 2017


One of the many films to play at this year’s Sundance Film Festival was Raw. The feature debut of writer-director Julia Ducournau, the film follows Justine (Garance Marillier) as she enters veterinary college and is forced to deal with the school’s brutal hazing rituals. A strict vegetarian, she’s pressured into eating a raw rabbit liver, after which she begins to change…

I caught the film at Sundance and thought it was fantastic. Not only does it show off the voice of a great new filmmaker, it’s an original piece of filmmaking and the way Ducournau frames every shot is really well done. In addition, while movies tend to make parties glossy and perfect, there is a down and dirty party scene in Raw that’s loaded with extras and makes you feel like you’re there. Raw will hit theaters March 10th and I definitely recommend checking it out. For more on the film read Haleigh Foutch’s review or watch the red band trailer here.


Image via Focus World

Shortly after seeing the film I sat down with Julia Ducournau for an exclusive video interview. She talked about why you should see Raw knowing as little as possible, the challenge of doing the party scenes, shooting the gore, going with practical effects over CG, and a lot more.

In addition, towards the end of the interview, you can also watch us play a game I call “Get to Know Your Sundance Attendee,” which asks tough questions like drink of choice, how long can you go without looking at your phone, what’s the last TV show you’ve watched that you want to recommend, what do you collect, favorite websites, and a lot more.

Check out what they she to say in the video above and below is exactly what we talked about. Finally, a huge thank you to everyone at Plexus, The Future Party and editor Jonathan Mathew for helping to make these interviews happen.

Julia Ducournau:

  • Why she thinks you should go into Raw knowing as little as possible.
  • Her input on the marketing.
  • Why she likes doing group scenes.
  • The challenge of doing the party scenes.
  • The shooting schedule.
  • The challenge of shooting the gore.
  • Going with practical effects over CGI.
  • Who she showed the movie to first and the honest feedback she got.
  • Get to know your Sundance attendee.

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