Trailer, Images and Synopsis for the Guillermo del Toro Produced JULIA’S EYES

     August 25, 2010

Attach Guillermo Del Toro’s name to just about anything I’m likely to go see it. The trailer for Julia’s Eyes, directed by Guillem Morales, looks like the creepy, atmospheric horror that del Toro knows how to deliver and help other filmmakers deliver. There’s a shared sensibility he seems to have with Morales just as he had with director Juan Antonio Bayona for The Orphanage. Coincidentally, both films star Belén Rueda.

This promo trailer for Julia’s Eyes does a good job of selling the film, although like most promo trailers it shows a little too much. I wouldn’t go so far as to say its spoilerific, but consider this fair warning. We’ve also included the official synopsis and images from the film after the jump.  Julia’s Eyes will play at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, which runs from September 9 – 19th.

Julia’s Eyes

Los Ojos de Julia

Directed by Guillem Morales

Synopsis and tech credits via TIFF website

Julia, a woman suffering from a degenerative eye disease, finds her blind twin sister Sara hanged in the basement of her house. Julia decides to investigate what she feels is a murder case, entering a dark world that seems to hide a mysterious presence. As Julia begins to uncover the terrifying truth about her sister’s death, her sight deteriorates, until a series of unexplained deaths and disappearances cross her path. The film stars Belén Rueda and Lluis Homar.

  • Country: Spain
  • Year: 2010
  • Language: Spanish
  • Producer: Joaquin Padró
  • Executive Producer: Joaquin Padró, Mar Targarona, Guillermo del Toro
  • Screenplay: Oriol Paulo, Guillem Morales
  • Runtime: 112
  • Principal Cast: Belén Rueda, Lluis Homar
  • Director: Guillem Morales Producer: Joaquin Padró
  • Executive Producer: Joaquin Padró, Mar Targarona, Guillermo del Toro
  • Cinematographer: Oscar Faura
  • Editor: Joan Manel Vilaseca
  • Sound: Albert Manera
  • Production Designer: Balter Gallart

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