Julie Andrews, Gemma Arterton, Matthew Goode, and Gabriel Byrne to Star in Agatha Christe Adaptation CROOKED HOUSE; Neil LaBute Will Direct

     May 14, 2011


Julie Andrews, Gemma Arterton, Matthew Goode, and Gabriel Byrne have signed on to star in an adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel Crooked House.  In the murder mystery is set against “the backdrop of three generations of a family that lives together in a large and seemingly crooked house.”  Every member of the eccentric family has motive to have killed the multimillionaire patriarch, Aristide Leonide.  Neil LaBute (Death at a Funeral) will direct from a script by Julian Fellowes (The Tourist) and Tim Rose Price (The Serpent’s Kiss).  The $20 million production is scheduled to shoot this summer in the U.K.  The story calls for a large ensemble, so expect more casting notices in the near future.  Andrews, Goode, and Byrne — and sure, let’s throw in the lovely Arterton — is a very good start.

Read a quote from LaBute and the full book synopsis after the jump.

LaBute told Variety:

“The story has a couple of fresh sides to it that I didn’t remember from Christie’s work. There’s a love story, which didn’t feature strongly in many of her books, so that seemed very different to me and fresh. Plus it’s quite morally ambiguous, which also appealed to me.”

This is one of two Christie stories in development.  Disney is working on a wild reinvention of the elderly detective Miss Marple, aging the character down to the point that Jennifer Garner will star.

Here’s the full synopsis for Crooked House:

The Leonides are one big happy family living in a sprawling, ramshackle mansion. That is until the head of the household, Aristide, is murdered with a fatal barbiturate injection.

Suspicion naturally falls on the old man’s young widow, fifty years his junior. But the murderer has reckoned without the tenacity of Charles Hayward, fiancé of the late millionaire’s granddaughter. [Amazon]


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