‘Jumanji’: New Plot Details Reveal Video Game Focus As Sequel Adds Cast Members

     September 26, 2016


Quite a lot of information has begun to trickle in regarding the Jumanji sequel that has been planned for years but is just now getting off the ground for real. Last week, we got our first look at the central quartet of the movie, led by Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson, in the jungle, which spurred a few questions about Doctor Who breakout Karen Gillan‘s outfit in the movie.


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Well, some of those questions should be answered by the revelations about the movie that have come to light over the last day or so. Mashable’s Jeff Sneider took to Twitter today to reveal that younger cast members have been added to the cast – Alex WolffSer’Darius Blain, Madison Iseman, and the formerly announced Morgan Turner – and that the movie will focus on a video game of Jumanji that their characters are sucked into to become the avatars played by Johnson, Hart, Gillan, and Jack Black. If the Jumanji game is meant to be an amalgamation of cues from popular adventure games, Gillan looking like Lara Croft suddenly makes a little more sense, even if the good intentions still seem a bit dubious.

Johnson took to Twitter to welcome the “Jumanji Juniors” as well, which you can take a look at below. Beyond Sneider’s tweet, THR reports that Wolff’s character will be in control of Johnson’s Dr. Bravestone, but none of the other match-ups have been confirmed yet. Regardless, one hopes that the movie will make some moves to satirize rather than simply reference the games that they are clearly playing off of with this movie. Not for nothing does Dr. Bravestone also seem very similar to the lead hero of Uncharted, which ironically seems like it would be the perfect fit for a prime Dwayne Johnson performance.

Here’s the cast announcement that Johnson tweeted out:

Here’s Sneider’s tweet revealing the video game plot point:


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Image via Sony


Image via TriStar Pictures

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