Bob Odenkirk & June Squibb Talk NEBRASKA, Awards Consideration and the Upcoming Television Version of FARGO

     November 26, 2013


The family-dynamic of Nebraska makes or breaks the film. Alexander Payne (Election) has cast a diverse set of actors to form the central unit to the film: a sketch-comic writer turned actor, an SNL veteran, an acting legend and a journeyman actress. It’s a testament to these actors – Bob Odenkirk, Will Forte, Bruce Dern and June Squibb – that not only does the film work but that the family itself feels real and lived in. Bob Odenkirk & June Squibb (in particular) share an interesting connection within the film. Odenkirk’s Ross Grant has long given up on a relationship with his deadbeat father (Dern), instead turning to his mother (Squibb’s Kate Grant) as his lone figure of parental guidance. It’s a nice supporting relationship to the film’s central father-son dynamic of Forte and Dern. In a lesser film, there would be no room for such supporting player kinship – but Nebraska fills in the margins of this family and it makes all the difference.

In the following interview with Bob Odenkirk and June Squibb, the two actors discuss the interpersonal relations of the film, dealing with awards notice and how closely they resemble their characters in Nebraska. In addition, Odenkirk briefly touches upon his role in the new television iteration of Fargo. For the full interview, hit the jump.

Bob Odenkirk and June Squibb Interview:

  • The duo discusses the mixture of comedy and dramatic actors that make up the family in Nebraska.
  • Do Odenkirk & Squibb feel like they have a particular affinity to the characters they play in the film?
  • How does June Squibb deal with the awards attention she’s been receiving as of late for Nebraska?
  • Does Bob Odenkirk have any insight on dealing with awards attention given Breaking Bad’s enormous success?
  • Bob Odenkirk discusses his participation and the approach of the new television version of Fargo?


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