Watch: Bryce Dallas Howard Says No High Heels in ‘Jurassic World 2’

     October 20, 2015

jurassic-world-bryce-dallas-howard-heels-sliceBryce Dallas Howard didn’t expect you to care about her high heels, but she’s glad you did. When Jurassic World arrived in theaters, Colin Trevorrow‘s hugely-anticipated, long-awaited fourth installment of the beloved Jurassic Park franchise took the world by storm, becoming the biggest movie of the year and the third-highest grossing film of all time. It delivered the dinosaurs, the nostalgia, and the action, but for a few weeks, all people wanted to talk about was Howard’s character Claire, and her incredibly poor footwear choices.

When I sat down with Howard in anticipation of Jurassic World‘s home video release, naturally we had to talk about those damn heels. As you might guess, yeah, they were super hard to film in, and while she’s glad she’s getting credit for it, the controversy definitely took her by surprise. Oh, and you can definitely expect some sensible footwear in Jurassic World 2. Watch what she had to say below and stay tuned for more with the cast of Jurassic World.

Jurassic World is now available on Digital HD and arrives on Blu-ray and DVD October 20th. Here’s the official synopsis.

The Jurassic World theme park lets guests experience the thrill of witnessing actual dinosaurs, but something ferocious lurks behind the park’s attractions – a genetically modified dinosaur with savage capabilities. When the massive creature escapes, chaos erupts across the island. Now it’s up to Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) to save the park’s tourists from an all-out prehistoric assault.


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