JURASSIC WORLD Beats Another AVENGERS Box Office Record

     June 19, 2015


Move over, superheroes. Dinosaurs are king of the box office now. Less than a week after Jurassic World surpassed all expectations to take The Avengers’ record for biggest opening weekend ever with $208.8 million, the Jurassic sequel is taking another record from the Marvel superhero pic. Per THR, the film has raked in $296.2 domestically when taking into account Thursday showings and will hit the $300 million mark on Friday, becoming the fastest movie ever to hit that milestone. It will have taken Jurassic World eight days to cross $300 million domestically, whereas the previous record holder—The Avengers—accomplished that feat in nine.

But this isn’t the last Avengers record that Jurassic World has its sights set on. If the Chris Pratt-fronted pic earns more than $103.1 million domestically this weekend, it will topple The Avengers’ record for biggest second weekend ever. But Jurassic World has stiff competition, as Pixar releases its critically hailed return-to-form Inside Out this weekend as well. A Pixar movie has never not opened to #1 at the box office, but only one of the studio’s efforts has topped $100 million opening weekend: Toy Story 3. That sequel earned $110.3 million in its first weekend, but it had the advantage of being a follow-up to one of Pixar’s most beloved properties.


Image via Universal Pictures

The average Pixar movie nowadays earns somewhere between $60-$80 million opening weekend, but Inside Out earned the highest Pixar or Disney Animation Thursday numbers yet with $3.7 million, so it’s going to be an interesting weekend.

The question posed to Jurassic World is whether there’s enough audience interest out there for repeat business. The Avengers enjoyed more enthusiastic reviews that World did, and while Jurassic World is fine, it’s not exactly a super memorable or rewatch-worthy affair. Will that result in a steep dropoff, or does it not matter because dinosaurs? We’ll find out soon enough.

Place your bets, and stay tuned to Collider all weekend for up-to-the-minute box office results.


Image via Universal Pictures

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