JURASSIC WORLD Is Now No. 3 Movie of All Time; Surpasses AVENGERS Box Office

     July 22, 2015


The opening weekend record was just the beginning. Universal Pictures’ Jurassic World is the biggest hit of 2015, and following a massive $208.8 million opening weekend—which surpassed previous record holder The Avengers—the film continued to climb up both the domestic and international charts. Well the dino-hit has notched another milestone in its belt, and this one’s a biggie: At $1.522 billion worldwide, Jurassic World has now become the third highest grossing film of all time, sitting behind Titanic at No. 2 with $2.186 billion and Avatar at No. 1 with $2.788 billion (per THR). In order to hit that spot, Jurassic World edged out—you guessed it—Marvel’s The Avengers, which was the previous No. 3 with $1.520 billion.

Now this doesn’t account for inflation, which posits a very different list (domestically, accounting for inflation, the top three films are Gone with the Wind, Star Wars, and The Sound of Music), but it’s still a boatload of money any way you slice it. And with the number three spot, Jurassic World has solidified itself in movie history as one of the biggest films ever made—which is kind of impressive for something as forgettable and benign as Jurassic World. Looking at Avatar and Titanic I totally get why those were insane worldwide hits, but Jurassic is a bit harder to swallow; it feels, at its core, like just another blockbuster in a sea of blockbusters. But such is the world we live in now, where feature films are American exports, meant to satisfy, enrapture, and definitely not offend the widest audience possible.


Image via Universal Pictures

Domestically, The Avengers still sits atop Jurassic World—for the time being. At the No. 4 position, the Universal pic has grossed a total of $612.6 million stateside versus The Avengers’ $623.3 million. But Jurassic World made $11.4 million last weekend alone—a full month out from release—so it’s likely that it’ll surpass Avengers on the domestic chart to take the No. 3 all-time slot within the next couple of weeks. Its next target would be Titanic at No. 2, which has a domestic total of $658.6 million.

Back to the worldwide chart, though, it’s unlikely that Jurassic World will climb high enough to edge Titanic out of the No. 2 spot there (James Cameron remains King of the World for all intents and purposes). However, it’ll be interesting to see if another 2015 will give Jurassic World a run for its money: Star Wars: The Force Awakens. All eyes are on J.J. Abrams’ reinvigoration of one of the most iconic franchises in history (if not the most iconic) to see just how big it will be. Whatever the case, 2015 is shaping up to be one of the biggest box office years ever.


Image via Universal Pictures

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