New JURASSIC WORLD Image Has Chris Pratt Ridin’ with Raptors; Director Colin Trevorrow Teases the Threat of “The Other”

     December 18, 2014


Yesterday, we got a new Jurassic World image of Chris Pratt hanging out with a raptor, which felt like a way of doubling down on one of the more controversial aspects of the first trailer—shouldn’t raptors be scary?  Isn’t it cooler if they’re wild and undomesticated?  Of course, we don’t know the context of this perceived friendship or how it will play out, so I’ll give director Colin Trevorrow the benefit of the doubt, especially since a new image has been released that shows researcher Owen (Pratt) riding a motorcycle alongside his raptor pals.  But perhaps they’re not friends as much uneasy allies since this time there’s a much bigger threat out in the park.

Hit the jump to check out the new Jurassic World image and learn new details about the plot.  The film also stars Bryce Dallas HowardNick RobinsonTy SimpkinsVincent D’OnofrioIrrfan Khan, Jake Johnson, Omar Sy and Judy GreerJurassic World opens in theaters in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D on June 12, 2015.

Via EW.


We previously reported that the big threat in Jurassic World is a new dino hybrid, a creation designed to boost attendance at the park, which turns out to be a bad idea because you don’t play God with dinosaurs.  EW reports that Howard plays the Park’s operations manager with Robinson and Simpkins playing her nephews who have come to visit.  The job and trip go poorly when the hybrid hatches, and Trevorrow warns, “There are dinosaurs and there’s the other—there’s this thing that is not one of them, that is not of them.”

Trevorrow, who was handpicked by Steven Spielberg, adds that the Jurassic Park director didn’t want “a carbon copy of the earlier films,” so there are “a lot of bold new ideas in the movie and I’m pushing it as far forward as I can.”  And if that push includes Raptor Buddies, we’ll just have to wait and see how that plays out.

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