‘Jurassic World’ Ride to Replace ‘Jurassic Park’ Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood

     May 10, 2018


If you’re a fan of Jurassic Park – The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, you may want to get your reps in as quickly as possible. Universal Studios announced today the “extinction” of the Jurassic Park ride, to make way for a brand new Jurassic World ride. Jurassic Park – The Ride will officially cease operations on September 3rd of this year, but in a surprise move the Jurassic World ride will take its place in 2019. That’s an incredibly short turnaround for a new theme park attraction, which suggests this Jurassic World ride will mostly be a retrofit of the existing Jurassic Park structure rather than a brand new kind of attraction.

For those who’ve never ridden Jurassic Park – The Ride—which also exists at the Universal Orlando park—it’s a raft ride that begins with a leisurely float through an operational Jurassic Park before things go wrong, dinosaurs eat people, and a giant animatronic T. rex bears down on the raft leading to a giant drop that gets you very, very wet.


Image via Universal Pictures

The ride is fun, but the animatronics have become a bit worn over the years, and Universal is obviously looking to the future here as the Jurassic World franchise is a massive box office hit. This new Jurassic World ride will be a “new, next-generation experience that’s even more immersive and technologically advanced,” with Universal adding that it will “pay homage to Jurassic Park and will reimagine this landmark film franchise for theme park guests.”

The entire area is being reconfigured, as the Jurassic Cove restaurant and Jurassic Outfitters retail store will also close when the attraction closes and reopen in 2019. So it sounds like we’re getting more than a new paint job here, but less than a brand new ride—most likely we’ll get new animatronics, ride vehicles, and locations that are more in line with Jurassic World.

It’ll be interesting to see if this happens at the Universal Orlando park as well, where Jurassic Park has a giant footprint at Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park. Peter at /Film reports that he’s heard a new Jurassic World land could be a part of Universal Orlando’s fourth theme park, which would likely be built on the giant patch of land they just acquired by the convention center. Although he says he’s also heard Universal Orlando is waiting to see how Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom does before fully committing to a Jurassic World land.

So California residents, soak up the Jurassic Park goodness while you can! Check out a trailer for the new Jurassic World ride below.

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