JURASSIC WORLD Teaser Promises Nightmares … and Delivers

     June 4, 2015

jurassic-world-ticketsLife finds a way, and death follows soon after if this menacing new Jurassic World teaser is any indication. Up until now, the marketing for the film has been all over the place. The first trailer came out way back in November of last year, and a multitude of clips, featurettes, trailers with CGI touch-ups, posters, and images have poured out since then. A few have been controversial, for one reason or another. And while director Colin Trevorrow may not totally disagree with said criticism, he should be commended for taking on such a high-pressure job in the first place. Though he was initially concerned with some script issues in the early going, this well-cut teaser indicates he might just have turned the project around into something truly terrifying.

We’ll follow up on those script issues after you take a look at this menacing little video below. Oh, and if you’re all ready to buy your tickets for the June 12th release, there’s a handy link waiting for you here:

Now if you liked that teaser, try to keep it in mind as you read Trevorrow’s comments about his earliest experience on Jurassic World. In a chat with Den of Geek, the relative newcomer to the blockbuster feature director’s chair revealed some facets of his inauspicious beginning with the tentpole picture:


Image via Universal Pictures

Jurassic World … was in the works for years and years. It seems that when you came aboard, it finally started to move.

Yeah, I was very determined to make it work. Partly because I didn’t seek out doing a large film – I’d made a very small film, which I was proud of. I wanted to make a slightly larger film, then a slightly larger one after that, and then Steven [Spielberg] and Frank [Marshall] came and asked if I’d consider doing this. That was in March of 2013.

It was about three and half months out of production – they were going to start shooting in June. They had a screenplay – I was hired before I was able to read it! And then I came to Los Angeles – I live on the east coast, over in Vermont – and I read the script, and I did not understand it. I didn’t know how I could direct it. So I went back and I said, “I’m sorry, if I direct this screenplay, it’s going to be a bad movie. I’m gonna do a bad job, because I just don’t get it.”

So Steven said to Derek [Connolly, writing partner] and I, “Oh really? Well then, you write a better one. We’ve been trying to do this for 14 years now! Show me what you can do!” [Laughs]

So Derek and I took the three key ideas that Steven had himself, that there’s a park that’s fully functional, there is a man who has a relationship with the raptors and he’s trying to train them, and then there’s a dinosaur that escapes and threatens everyone in the park. Using just those ideas, we built the film you see now. It was a screenplay that got him energized and we started to see it. We got it. Luckily, he has the power to say, “You know what, now that we finally have something that is working, let’s take another year. Let’s get it right.”

In retrospect, I don’t even know what movie we would have seen. It was very similar, but the last 10 percent of something is all of it, in a lot of ways. So that year’s what really made it work.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of a long interview with Trevorrow, so if you’re curious about his development of characters in the film, his camera work, and cinematic influences, definitely check it out. I chose to focus on this little snippet because, if Jurassic World manages to turn into something commercially and critically successful, we’ll learn just how strong Trevorrow’s stock really is, despite the fact that he won’t be returning for a sequel. We’ll have to see for ourselves on June 12th.


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