JURASSIC WORLD: What Did You Think?

     June 12, 2015


Jurassic World is set to open huge this weekend, and is tracking at around $125 million after pulling in $18.5 million from last night’s screenings. So quite a few of you are probably going to see it this weekend.

The movie has been fairly divisive along the lines of people outright disliking it, and others acknowledging its flaws but enjoying the ride. I fall mostly in the latter camp, although the elements I disliked—the 0.5-dimensional characters, the nonsensical story, the weak logic—have stuck with me longer than the set pieces. It’s technically the best Jurassic Park sequel, although that’s not a major accomplishment since The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III don’t come close to matching the greatness of the original.

Jurassic World is likely to spark some spirited debate, so jump in and tell us what you thought of the new movie, and be sure to read Perri’s review.


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