Heroes: ‘Justice League: Mortal’ Photo Revealed; Possible ‘Deadpool 2’ Cameos

     March 21, 2018

On this episode of Heroes, Jon Schnepp, Dani Fernandez, Erika Ishii, and Robert Meyer Burnett discuss the following:

  • Deadline reports that Matt Ryan will be joining Legends of Tomorrow as a series regular for Season 4.
  • Freeform debuts a new Cloak & Dagger trailer that sets up the storyline between the characters for the series.
  • During a recent set visit, Blake Ritson revealed that Brainiac will be “terrifying” on Krypton.
  • EW releases a new Shazam! movie logo ahead of the Facebook Live Q&A event today.
  • Screen Rant reports that Captain Marvel has finally begun shooting in LA after being delayed a month.
  • According to Heroic Hollywood, the character of Tony Zucco will be in the new Titans series. Screen Rant also reports that one or maybe all of the Maroni crime family will appear in the show as well.
  • Manabyte reports that Venom might not be seen in Venom until the last few minutes. The panel offers their thoughts on this report.
  • Jon Schnepp discusses the release of the new Atari VCS.
  • THR reports that the Deadpool 2 filmmakers recently shot two hours worth of work in Los Angeles that included a secret cameo.
  • Jon Schnepp reveals a picture of George Miller’s Justice League: Mortal cast.
  • Twitter Questions

Image via Sony Pictures