Zack Snyder Talks MAN OF STEEL Sequel and JUSTICE LEAGUE; Says ‘You’ve Got to Get Superman Further Down the Road’ Before JUSTICE LEAGUE

     May 31, 2013


While Marvel has been hitting homeruns with critics and fans, DC and Warner Bros. have been struggling to bring their superheroes to life, unless his name is Batman.  However, on June 14th, that’s all going to change, as the studios are releasing director Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the start of a new billion-dollar franchise.

In addition to making Superman cool again, the studios have other plans that require his help: their Justice League movie.  While rumors have the movie being released in 2015, as of now, no director is officially attached, and no one is sure if the movie would work without introducing the other characters in their own movies first (like Marvel did before The Avengers).  So when I sat down with Snyder a few hours ago at the Los Angeles Man of Steel junket, I asked his thoughts the Justice League movie and if that would get his attention before a Man of Steel sequel.  Hit the jump for more.

While many of us have wondered if Snyder was going to be the one who’d helm the Justice League movie, he told me that even if he was offered the project:

“I feel like you need to get Superman a little further down the road before you can do a Justice League movie.”

Meaning he’d do the Superman sequel first.  Here’s the part of the interview where we talked about the Man of Steel sequel and the Justice League movie.  Look for more with Snyder very soon.

man-of-steel-zack-snyder-henry-cavillCollider: If they did offer you Justice League, and they offered you a Superman sequel, which is the one that gets your attention?

Zack Snyder: Look … completely hypothetically, I feel like you need … to get Superman a little further down the road, I think, before you can do a Justice League movie.

They’ve talked about Justice League for 2015 and that seems a little soon for me.

Snyder: Yeah, I don’t know who “they” are.

That’s what the studio was talking about. [Laughs] So, I guess you’re saying that you could see yourself doing a Superman sequel and then perhaps…

Snyder: I don’t know.  All I’m saying is that you’ve got to get Superman further down the road.

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