‘Justice League’: Zack Sndyer Teases “Bigger Enemy to Fight”

     January 5, 2016


We’re only a couple months away from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but the second the credits roll on that movie, fans will likely be hungering for the follow up, Justice League: Part One. Personally, I’m curious to see how director Zack Snyder manages the balance between forwarding Superman’s story, introducing a new Batman, and putting the pieces in place for this “Dawn” where we can pivot towards the formation of the Justice League.

In an interview with Obsev [via CBR], Snyder teased his current progress on Justice League and what fans can expect:

“We’re working on ‘Justice League’ right now, right?” said Snyder. “In a weird way, ‘Justice League’ is the next step for these characters to form a bigger team. Maybe there’s a bigger enemy to fight.”


Image via Warner Bros.

Since there are two Justice League movies headed our way, I’m curious if Snyder is planning a different villain for each film, or one big villain to cover both pictures. The biggest enemy of the DC Universe is probably Darkseid, and certainly one that pushes this franchise into the cosmic realm. It might be better to have Green Lantern Corps set up to do some of the lifting on that world before just having Darkseid stroll along, and instead set up a bigger enemy like Brianiac for Justice League: Part One.

I’m also curious how Snyder plans to approach team building. When it comes to Batman v Superman, Snyder believes that pitting the two title characters against each other is how to reveal their internal drama:

“I think that the fun of the movie is that in the end, it’s drama,” said Snyder. “In the end it’s about, they have to figure out each other in order to fight each other, so it’s really about what makes them tick and how that works out in a conflict.”

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens March 25th. Justice League: Part One opens November 17, 2017.



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