52 ‘Justice League’ Images Reveal the Mother Box, Parademons, Henry Allen, and More!

     March 27, 2017


Now that you’ve had a few minutes to recover from the reveal of Zack Snyder‘s new Justice League trailer, let’s take a moment to breathe and dig into just what is revealed in these frames. Of course there are the superheroic scene-stealers, Batman (Ben Affleck), The Flash (Ezra Miller), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher). But it doesn’t take supervision to see that there’s much more on display here.

In terms of the supporting cast, we get one briefly lingering shot of Amy Adams‘ Lois Lane, the one character who acts as a non-superheroic tether to Superman, who’s still M.I.A. We also get new shots of J.K. Simmons as the mustachioed Commissioner James Gordon; Amber Heard as the Atlantean royal, Mera; Billy Crudup as The Flash’s incarcerated father, Henry Allen; and Joe Morton as Cyborg’s non-incarcerated father, Dr. Silas Stone. That’s a lot of DC Comics Easter eggs to drop in a two-minute trailer, but wait, there’s more!

justice-league-posterWe also get a lot of shots of Darkseid’s shock troops of Apokolips, the Parademons, who seem to be wreaking havoc in Atlantis, Themyscira, and the Earth’s surface world. The extraterrestrial device known as the Mother Box also gets a prominent place in this new trailer, which makes sense since it was teased in Batman v Superman, and likely plays a big part in the plot of the upcoming superhero team-up. Look for Justice League in theaters on November 17th.

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Image via Warner Bros.


Image via Warner Bros.

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