Another ‘Justice League’ Trailer Teaser Shows Off Batman’s Guns

     March 23, 2017


It appears we’re not getting just one trailer teaser for Justice League, we’re getting five. This morning a teaser for the first official Justice League trailer arrived, and it was Aquaman-centric. But now a new Batman-centric one has landed online, signaling we’re going to be seeing bits and pieces of footage tailored to each member of the Justice League leading up to the trailer debut.

Indeed, on a traditional schedule this would be building to the debut of footage, but at last year’s Comic-Con Warner Bros. released a “sizzle reel” of footage from Justice League that showed off a much lighter tone. This was no doubt in response to criticisms launched against Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as being joyless and fears regarding Suicide Squad, as the studio wanted to assure fans that Justice League would inject some levity into the DECU proceedings.

And so this Saturday we’re getting the first official trailer for Justice League, and this teaser shows off Ben Affleck’s Batman sporting a new suit and driving his Batmobile that itself is now fully equipped with machine guns. Yes indeed, Batman’s a fan of the gunplay in the DCEU, which should come as no surprise given that he was straight-up killing folks in Batman v Superman.

Though I suppose guns are necessary when squaring off against parademons, which are the henchmen villains in Justice League that will offer plenty of opportunity for the assembled League to show off their fighting skills as they build to a confrontation with main villain Steppenwolf.

Check out the Batman Justice League trailer teaser below, and come back to watch the full trailer on Saturday. The film also stars Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher, Henry Cavill, J.K. Simmons, Amy Adams, and Amber Heard. Justice League opens in theaters on November 17th.


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