JUSTIFIED Recap: “Trust”

     March 24, 2015


“You really think this ends in a trial?” – Raylan

No, after tonight’s episode, I do not think anyone believes that the saga of Boyd Crowder is going to end in a courtroom. Last week his botched heist (and near-death moment) only delayed some of the inevitable confrontations that we are hoping to see before Justified ends its brilliant run. It’s safe to say the majority of fans (including myself) believed it’s all going to climax in a final rodeo between Raylan and Boyd. Now, with Boyd bleeding at Raylan’s feet, it’s anyone’s guess how the curtain is going to close.

After spending the season being pulled in two directions by Boyd and the marshals, it’s poetic justice that Ava gets the jump on both of them. Since her stint in prison, it’s clear that she’s a fighter and isn’t going to let herself be exploited only to wind up back behind bars. That was definitely a non-lethal shot she delivered to Boyd, so now she’ll have to see just how far $10 million can really get her.


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At the point of the shooting, Ava was really backed up into a corner. She doesn’t trust Boyd anymore (and he certainly doesn’t trust her) and Raylan pretty much told her that she hasn’t lived up to her side of the bargain. Even Dewey’s gator teeth necklace wasn’t good enough for a get-out-of-jail-free card.

While she’s on the run with his money and Boyd’s in the custody of Raylan, where does Markham go from here? Tim and Raylan sowed further seeds of distrust between him and Katherine, and he’s losing the Harlan land grab to Loretta. It’s amazing how cold and calculating he was built up to be during the season’s first half and now he’s crumbling like a Jenga game. It’s not like he ever seemed like a good businessman either. Did he ever actually purchase any land? Or just have his lackeys kill for it?

Speaking of, Boon is such an incredible character. Every scene with him has been chilling. In “Trust” he kills Loretta’s grandmother’s sister as easy as punching the clock. When Markham says he’s sorry to ask him to do it because he knows Boon’s fond of Loretta, his icy reply is, “Fond’s got nothing to do with it.” He’s all the scarier too because in a way, it seems like he looks up to Raylan. Their talk in the diner about “carrying the flame” provided insight into what drives Boon. Though they’re on different sides of the law, he sees himself as one of the last remaining cowboys, like Raylan, and he’s willing to defend that legacy with his shined-up pistol.


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The scene in which Boon returns to the diner was remarkably entertaining and unsettling (especially in the way he talked about Loretta). Since his introduction last week there’s been some speculation that he’s going to kill Raylan. Killing off the protagonist and leaving his infant daughter fatherless is a pretty grim way to end the series (and uncharacteristic for an Elmore Leonard story). Also, there’s an unwritten law in the Justified universe that well-established characters can’t be killed by secondary ones or ones that were recently introduced. That’s why Daryl Crowe only wounded Art and Zachariah failed to blow Boyd up. Still, there’s something about Boon that suggests he’s going to make a big impact before it’s all over. Will this be the guy who finally beats Raylan on the draw and steals his hat?

With only three episodes left Justified continues to prove itself unpredictable and as exciting as ever.

Episode Rating: ★★★★ Very good


• The names on the passports Limehouse conjured up for Ava and Boyd were Mr. and Mrs. Ofay. This is a West African word that refers to “White People” but in the South it’s commonly used to mean “White Devil.” Yes, Limehouse does have a sense of humor.

• A character doesn’t usually talk about his code unless he plans on sticking by it, so it’s no surprise that Mike finally put on his “big boy pants” and shut Wynn up before he could continue aiding the marshals.

• When Mike searched Wynn he found two guns, a knife, and a blackjack. It’s no wonder his posture is so good. If he slouches at all he’s liable to kill himself.


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